National Championship News

2015 PCCSC Coed Championship

Friday, May 1:

Day 1 of the 2015 Coed Conference championships was an interesting one. All the forecasts had today as a hot light air day. When we all arrived at the boathouse it seemed like the forecasts were right. As we got out to outside venue at Stanford the breeze started to fill and move left to the NNW direction. The first few races were sailed in 5-8kts NNW breeze and in flat water. The breeze steadily built to 15-18kts from the NNW and the ebb tide kicked up the chop. It was breeze on for the rest of the day. A division sailed 6 races in FJ's and will sail in z420's tomorrow. B division sailed 7 races in z420's and will sail FJ's tomorrow. Three protest were filed and resulted in a DSQ and one to be heard tomorrow morning. Stanford has the early lead with a perfect day of sailing.

Saturday, May 2:

Day 2 was almost a repeat of Day one conditions wise. The fleet towed out to the outside venue and a light NNE breeze was filling by 11:30am we were racing in a NNW breeze which varied from 10-15kts. Beautiful conditions with a flood for the first half of racing and a strong ebb to finish the day. A division sailed z420's today and sailed the outer loop of the trap course and B sailed FJ's and sailed the inner loop. No protests were filed.

Congratulations to Stanford, UCSB, USC and UH for qualifying for the National Semi-Finals.

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